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        2. RC08-COMPACT Wheel Loader
          China Manufacturer

          wheel loader china

          RC08-COMPACT Wheel Loader China Manufacturer - Engine   Basic Dimensions
          Model Changchai 385 Length 4350 mm 171.2"
          Type Direct injection, water-cooled, 4 stroke Width 1600 mm 63.0"
          Cylinders 3 Height 2450 mm 96.4"
          Starting Electric Starting Motor Bucket capacity 0.4 m?‚3
          Power 22 kW 30 hp Dumping height 2400 mm 95"
          Speed 2600 rpm Dumping reach 700 mm 28"
          Torque 91 Nm Wheel base 1680 mm 66.1"
            Track base 1170 mm 46.1"
          Operating weight 2500 kg 5511 lbs Additional Specifications
          Lifting weight 800 kg 1764 lbs Steering system Articulated hydraulic steering
          Sum work device 9 sec Max. turning angle 35?ƒ?’‚?‚°?ƒ?’‚?‚±1
          Working pump CBF32 Tyre features 31*15.0-15
          Delivery time: 14 days
            FOB Qingdao, CHINA    
          Minimum Order: 1 unit
          Guarantee: 12 months   + Pictures of RC08-COMPACT

          RC08-COMPACT Wheel Loader China Manufactured

          The RC08-COMPACT (4WD) wheel loader's unique compact design allows it to work in extremely tight spaces. Its 800 kg (1764 lbs) lifting capacity and competitive price has made it the perfect alternative to expensive big brand compact loaders.

          The wide range of attachments available for the RC08-COMPACT wheel loader allows it to perform an endless number of tasks. From farm and construction operations to forestry works and snow removal, the RC08-COMPACT will always be your first option.

          1. Engine - Changchai 385

          Changchai 385 has a 30 hp (22 kW) at 2600 r/min. It is a 3 cylinder engine with an 85 mm (3.35") bore, 95 mm (3.74") stroke and 1.617 L (0.42 gallon) displacement. It has a 91 max torque and weighs 185 kg (408 lbs). Optional: Xinchai 490 engine - 50 hp (37 kW).

          2. Dimensions & Loader Capacity

          wheel loaders china

          Its 4350 mm (171") length, 1600 mm (63") width and 2450 mm (96") height makes the RC08-COMPACT one of most the most compact loaders manufactured in China.

          3. Controls & Drive System

          chinese compact wheel loaders made in china loaders

          The RC08-COMPACT provides all the comfort and space of the standard RC08 model with additional viewing angles. This compact four-wheel drive wheel loader with hydrostatic transmission system comes with an option of manual or mechanical gear shift, cabin heater and rear view camera. Its ROPS and FOPS allows its operator to work in a totally safe environment.

          4. Photos

          wheel loader china

          wheel loader china manufacturer

          wheel loader chinese

          wheel loader chinese manufacturer

          compact wheel loader china

          compact wheel loader china

          More pictures of the RC08-COMPACT

          Optional attachments: pallet forks, grass forks, snow blades (straight type), snow blades (V type), snow buckets, 4-1 buckets, selecting buckets, barrel grapples, wood grapples, concrete mixers, European style grass forks, European style barrel grapples, sweepers, hydraulic adjustable forks, flat buckets, grapple buckets and hay forks.

          For more information and prices on our RC08-COMPACT wheel loader China manufactured machine, please do not hesitate to contact us by using the below contact form.

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