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        2. Wheel Loaders Manufacturers
          RC20 with CE

          wheel loaders manufacturers
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          RC20 Wheel Loaders Manufacturers - Engine    Basic Dimensions
          Model* Dongfanghong YTR4108
          Length 5910 mm 233"
          Power 60 kW 80 hp Width 2010 mm 79"
          Speed 2400 rpm Height 2850 mm 112"
          Torque YJ280 model Ground clearance 310 mm 12"
          Fuel consumption <251 g kw.h Dumping height 2950 mm 116"
          *Optional: Perkins and Cummins engine Bucket volume (standard) 1.1 m3

          Wheel base 2200 mm 87"
          Operating weight 7480 kg 16491 lbs  Additional Specifications
          Loading weight 2000 kg 4409 lbs Turning radius 4639 mm 183"
          Driving speed 24 km/h 15 mph Breakout force 70 Kn
          Lifting time of bucket - full load 4.8 sec Tire (larger tire on demand) 16/70-20
          Falling time of bucket - idle load 3.3 sec Turning angle 35°±1

            Delivery time: 20 - 30 days  
          FOB Qingdao, CHINA     
          Minimum Order: 1 unit
            Guarantee: 12 months

          Wheel Loaders Manufacturers RC20 with CE - Features & Specifications

          Extremely durable and reliable the RC20 wheel loader make the most demanding of jobs look easy. Whether you are an experienced operator or have just started in the business you will be surprised of how remarkably easy it is to operate.

          With a 6170 kg operating weight, a 1.1 m3 bucket volume, a 2000 kg loading weight capacity and a smooth shifting transmission system, this machine guarantees its operator maximum productivity at all times. And it is with productivity and comfort in mind that its luxury cabin has been designed. From here the driver has unparallel control over all the wheel loader's functions.

          1. Engine- Dongfanghong YTR4108  (Cummins & Perkins engine optional)

          china wheel loader manufacturerchina loader manufacturer

          The Dongfanghong YTR4108 engine has been designed for maximum performance and minimum maintenance. This four cylinder (108 mm bore), in-line diesel engine guarantees optimal output.

          The Dongfanghong YTR4108 has a 60 kW rated power and 206 Nm torque force, powering the RC20's wheel loader's 2 ton lifting capacity. Its low fuel and oil consumption makes this engine both efficient and cost-effective. We also manufacture the RC20 end front loader with Cummins and Perkins engines according to customers' specifications.

          2. Dimensions & Loader Capacity

          chinese wheel loaders

          Its structural precision and design has led to the RC20 end front loader's excellent performance in the field. Its 5910 mm full length (bucket on ground), 2010 mm width and 2200 mm wheel base makes this loader one of the most stable and durable 2 ton wheel loaders in the market.

          3. Controls & Drive System

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          The RC20's luxury cabin is nicely equipped with an E-mark seat, an adjustable steering wheel, a back rear camera and a mechanical joystick. These allow the operator control the vehicle effortlessly in a both comfortable and safe manner.

          The RC20's hydraulic torque is a YJ265 single-stage, single phase, three element converter with a >3.02 coveting coefficient and a pressure oil-cooling cycle. Its gear box is a fixed-axis power shift gear box with 2 forward and 2 reverse positions and a 40-55 kW transmission power. The transmission pump used is a CB-Fc16-1F85-L-X model and an arc bevel gear main reducer. Another important component of the RC20 drive system is its wheel-side planetary reducer.

          Click on 'RC20 Technical Performance Parameters' for more details

          4. Photos

          end front loader

          china wheel loader


          china front end loader

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          Click for more pictures of RC20 end front loader

          RIGHT CHOICE MACHINERY is one of the most reliable wheel loaders manufacturers in China. If you require additional information on our RC20 front end loader model, please feel free to contact us buy using the form below.

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