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        2. RC08 Small Loader
          ZL08 Wheel Loader Model

          china loader

           RC08 - ZL08 wheel loader model - Engine    Basic Dimensions
          Model Changchai CZ2102 Length 4700 mm 185"
          Type Direct injection, water-cooled, 4 stroke Width 1200 mm 47"
          Cylinders 2 Height 2300 mm 91"
          Starting Electric Starting Motor Bucket capacity 0.4 m³
          Power 25 kW 34 hp Dumping height 2400 mm 95"
          Speed 2400 rpm Dumping reach 700 mm 28"
          Torque 113.5 Nm Wheel base 2100 mm 83"
            Thread 1400 mm 55"
          Operating weight 2800 kg 6173 lbs  Additional Specifications
          Lifting weight 800 kg 1764 lbs Steering system Articulated hydraulic steering
          Sum work device 9 sec Max. turning angle 35?°?±1
          Distribution of work valve DF15.2C Min turning radius 3400 mm 133"
          Working pump CBF32 Tyre features 31*15.0-15
          Delivery time: 20 days
            FOB Qingdao, CHINA    
          Minimum Order: 1 unit
          Guarantee: 12 months   + Pictures of RC08

          RC08 Wheel Loader with CE - ZL08 wheel loader model

          The newest of our wheel loaders, the RC08 (ZL08F model) is a small sized four-wheel drive wheel loader with a 800 kg (1764 lb) lifting capacity. Its compact size makes it the ideal machine for farms and worksites which require a loader that is both powerful and capable of working in narrow spaces.

          Its high quality (CE certified) and affordable price has made this small loader extremely popular in Canada, Europe and Australia. We manufacture a number of optional attachments such as pallet forks, snow blades, 4 in 1 buckets and quick hitches. These optional attachment allow the RC08 (ZL08F model) to efficiently perform an even wider array of tasks in the field.

          1. Engine - Changchai CZ2102

          Changchai CZ2102 is a 2 cylinder, 102 mm bore, in-line, water cooled, 4-stroke diesel engine. It has a 35 hp (25 kW) with a 2400 rpm rated speed. It has a maximum torque of 113.5 N.m at 1,950 rpm. Its optimized design and dynamic performance allows for good interchangeability and easy maintenance.

          2. Dimensions & Loader Capacity

          ZL08 loader

          The RC08's (ZL08F model) has a 4700 mm (185") total length, 1200 mm (47") width and 2300 mm (91") height. Its compact design, 2800 kg (6173 lb) weight and 800 kg (1764 lb) rated load guarantees maximum performance even in confined spaces.

          3. Controls & Drive System

          zl08 wheel loaderchina loaders

          The RC08's (ZL08F model) luxury cabin provides the driver with a superior working space. Its shock absorbing adjustable seat, warm cabin heater, wide views and additional leg space improve the driver's experience.

          Its four-wheel drive (4WD) with oscillating rear axle and 31*15.0-15 off-road tires allow this loaders to perform optimally off-road. The transmission system is composed of a hydrostatic transmission designed to maximize the engine's power output efficiency. It has an articulated hydraulic steering system with 35?° maximum turning angles and a 3400 mm minimum turning radius.

          4. Photos

          zl 08f wheel loader



          ZL08F wheel loader

          zl 08 wheel loader

          More pictures of the RC08 Wheel Loader - ZL08f wheel loader model

          The RC08 (ZL08F model) has one of the most competitive prices in the market. This small sized compact wheel loader is ideal for those looking for an affordable and durable ZL08 wheel loader model. For a quotation please do not hesitate to contact us by using the below form or by sending us an email.

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